What to do now that Biff is Our President-Elect


[Back to the night of November 8th, 2016]

Frantically trying to find a path to blue on my own make-your-own electoral map, slowly it dawned on me as it did billions that night: it was not possible.  What I’d feared since he won the primaries was finally realized.  Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

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Tips For Traveling Solo

I’ve traveled to four countries by myself in the last 5 years: Namibia, South Africa, Thailand, and Norway. Often times people ask me how I travel by myself?  Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

I’ve included some of my favorite travel photos at the end to hopefully motivate you to plan your next big adventure! 

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Crying At Work Does Not Make You Weak

Sitting in my boss’s office staring at him from across the desk, I could feel the tears rising.  No, this could not be happening. I will not let it happen! I fought with everything I had to hold back my tears. I felt the anger rise in my cheeks as the hot tears began to fill up my eyes.  Despite my efforts, one tear escaped and slowly streamed down my cheek. This tear in one moment had exposed my internal battle; put it on display. It was all over…

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The Interview Process

I walked in and shook his hand. By the time I sat down, I knew I wasn’t going to get the job. It’s hard to say if it was the look in his eyes as they changed from hopeful to disappointed or the disinterested tone of his voice-possibly a combination. I knew one thing for sure; I did not fit what he pictured his future employee to be. I spent the next 30 minutes listing all of my qualifications and attempting to change his mind.

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The Guys Must Have Helped You In School Right?

I should have seen the signs. In the interview there were so many red flags. At the time I really wanted out of my current job and this job from a technical standpoint was a dream opportunity. The interview was intense solving circuits on a white board for three hours. I was ecstatic I passed the test. So I blew right through all the red flags and accepted the job.

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You Don’t Look Like An Engineer



[See link below for how Isis Wenger chose to positively combat the unexpected backlash received when she agreed to take part in a recruiting ad for her company. Notice she is dressed in the same black t-shirt as the other two guys; however, because she is attractive people questioned the validity of her occupation.  After I saw this, I immediately thought of something I had written two years ago.]

I had titled it: You Don’t Look Like An Engineer…

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